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Attendance Allowance is a tax free, non-means tested benefit administered by Disability and Carers Service for the Department of Works and Pensions for someone who suffers from an illness/disability and has care and/or supervision needs.  To qualify you must be 65 years or over old when applying, satisfy the residency rules and have the right to reside in Great Britain... read more

Personal Independence Payment is a tax free, non-means tested benefit. Introduced  by the Welfare Reform Act 2012 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for eligible working age people aged 16 to 64 years old from 8th April 2013... read more

Disability Living Allowance is a tax free non-means tested benefit that  has been in place for 20 years.The Welfare Reform Act 2012 introduces Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which will replace DLA for eligible claimants aged 16 to 64 from 8 April 2013... read more

Pension Credit is a means tested benefit, not taxable for people over the qualifying age which is in line with the women's  state retirement age. Entitlement varies depending on your circumstances, for example if you are disabled or a carer, single  or part of a couple. Additional amounts 'premiums' and some housing costs may also be added... read more

Carers Allowance is a non-means tested benefit that is taxable. You may be eligible if you look after someone who receives a qualifying disability benefit... read more


Employment Support Allowance is an "income replacement" benefit for people who have a health condition or disability which limits their ability to work. As of May 2016 there were just under 2.4 million ESA claimants in Great Britain, including 429,000 in the Work-Related Activity Group... read more


Council Tax Reduction/Support is usually means tested help with a Council Tax bill but there are also times when a person is not taken into account or 'disregarded' for example someone who is 'severely mentally impaired' or it may be that a property is exempt for example when someone moves into a care home. If you are not sure whether you should be getting help with Council tax