Care Advice 'Toolkit'

The Care Advice Toolkit is a simple to use with 5 stages for managing a care advice enquiry. Templates for collecting, recording and providing information on adult care in England based on a Care Advice Framework which includes, standards for role and responsibilities, skill set and CPD, values and a code of good practice.


1. Care Advice Guide - An overview and reference for advice on choosing and paying for adult care

2. Care Advice Template - A reminder of the key subject areas to cover

3. Care Advice Record - A guide to recording the care advice conversation

4. My Care Planner - A consumer resource for recording a care journey

5. Client care letter - Share a summary of the conversation with a client or enquirer

Care Advice Guide 2018/19

A point of reference and visual aid to help advisers consider appropriate, affordable later life care choices, maximise entitlement and support a wider, inter generational advice provision.


Information Sheets

Professional Members can personalise these annually updated Information Sheets to use as hand outs or add to a web site:

  1. Making Decisions

  2. Care and Housing Options

  3. Moving into a Care Home

  4. Continuing Healthcare

  5. Local Authority Charging

  6. Claiming Attendance Allowance

  7. Challenging a DWP Decision

Care Advice Template

Use this part of the toolkit as a guide when considering the key subject areas  

Care Advice Record

This part of the Care Advice Toolkit is a guide for recording the care conversation

My Care Planner

Professional Members will receive up to 60 copies per year, (depending on which month you join, allocation is monthly pro-rata) 

My Care Planner is a guide to choosing and paying for adult care in England and a record of a care journey. This booklet will help you find the information and support you need to guide you through the care maze. With a jargon buster and key contacts, it provides somewhere to store important information which can help you, those caring for you and closest to you to keep up to date with what is happening in your life and plan for long term care.

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