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A Care Consultant provides expert advice professionally and may help with care planning or reviewing care already in place. Some have a specific area of expertise for example assessing mental capacity or challenging Continuing Healthcare decision.


Consultants are usually paid for task specific support but may provide a free or set fee initial consultation

Care Providers offer a variety of care and support services, short or longer term, in your own home or in a Care or Nursing home.


Care support fees are usually based on an hourly or a  weekly/monthly amount but support that is task specific for example cleaning or shopping could be charged as a set cost.

A Care Broker acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, able to help source care and negotiate with care providers.


Brokers may charge a client a task specific fee or offer free advice which is  paid for by a provider arrangement.

Advocates enable your voice to be heard. An Advocate can support you to express your views and concerns and access information and services.

Helping people to understand the financial implications of having care and support needs, a  Care Funding Adviser acts as a guide, providing financial information and advice on paying for care that is not specific to a product or financial plan and differs from that of Regulated Financial Adviser or task-specific consultant

A benefits adviser will provide information and advice on claiming benefits and identify potential benefit entitlement. Some Benefit Advisers may offer a service to help you with an application or challenge a benefit decision.

Some voluntary sector or charitable organisation may provide these services free of charge but most specialist benefit advisers will have a task specific charge or hourly rate.

Some financial advice can only be given by advisers who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), this is called regulated financial advice and only this type of adviser may recommend financial products. Regulated Financial Advisers may work with Care Funding Advisers or provide regulated and unregulated advice. 


Some advisers charge a set advice fee or hourly rate, others may offer advice at no cost to a client and receive an advice fee from a product provider.

A Legal Adviser/Solicitor may help with a range of legal services for example making or amending a Power of Attorney or Will, Trusts and Estate planning and considering property options.


These services may be charged by a set fee, a task specific fee or an hourly rate.


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