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Pension Credit was introduced in 2003 it is a means tested benefit for people over the qualifying age which is in line with the women's state retirement age.

Entitlement varies depending on your circumstances, for example if you are disabled or a carer, single  or part of a couple. Additional amounts 'premiums' and some housing costs for your interest only mortgage or home loan interest may also be added, these elements added together makes up the applicable amount.

It is not taxable and has no savings/capital upper limit. This means tested benefit will top up your income level to the amount set by Government. The amount of benefit you will be paid is the difference between your applicable amount and your income (actual and tariff income from savings not disregarded).


 There are two parts to Pension Credit;

 Guarantee Credit - Low income top up, this ensures a guaranteed level of income

 Savings Credit - Reward for someone over 65 years who has made some provision above State Pension (changes apply from April  2016)


 PC Claim line Tel; 0800 99 1234

 Pension Service; 0345 60 60 265

Pension Age calculator

Pension Credit Calculator

Changes to Pension Credit from 6th April 2016