2% Council Tax precept and how to spend it!

February 4, 2016



Response to an article in Community Care


If we continue to concentrate on providing support to those people who are assessed with eligible needs and no more the evidence is overwhelming, Adult Social Care budgets will be impossible to manage and adequate care difficult to deliver.


With Local Authority’s constantly looking at ways to improve services and the experience of those with care and support needs, their families and carers I am staggered that quality assured information and advice has not been given the pivotal role it deserves as prevention.


Money raised by the Council Tax precept will be money wasted if spent on more of the same. We must look more closely at services that build ‘Care Navigators’


Searchable web based info is great but it often triggers questions and a need for guidance, personalised advice has to work alongside ‘menu driven’ information.


This ‘Search and Rescue’ approach can make a difference and does not have to cost the earth to implement.


The Care Adviser Network is working with Care Navigators who work hand in hand with services that can become self-sufficient and chargeable within one year, providing free advice at the front door and a clear care advice pathway


What’s not to like?


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