Help with Council Tax. "Are there any concessions for someone living with Dementia?"

Disregard, Discount, Reduction and Exemption! And we wonder why people don’t claim it!?

Council Tax ‘Benefit’ changed to Council Tax Reduction (also called support) in April 2013. It is Means Tested and usually administered by a District or Unitary Council.

So, can we get help that is not means tested and why are there so many terms for help with a Council Tax bill? Yes, there is help that does not require a financial assessment but because this benefit is means tested it is applied by property exemption, disregarding a person or providing a discount to a household situation.

An Exemption usually applies to property rather than people. The most common one for later life advice being when someone moves into a care/nursing home or hospital.

If you’re selling an empty property on behalf of an owner who’s died, you only start paying Council Tax 6 months after you get probate.

Discounts or Disregards - This is not an exhaustive list, other people may be disregarded and discounts may apply but these are some of the most common ones for later life advice;

  • Single occupancy discount

  • Severely Mentally Impaired - not the best phrase! Single occupant disregard or discount if person is part of couple.

  • Live-in carer who is looking after someone who isn’t a partner, spouse, or child under 18 are disregarded.

  • Severely physically disabled people with enough space to use a wheelchair indoors, a bathroom especially for them or another room (not kitchen or bathroom) especially for them may apply for a band reduction. There is no test for disability band reduction but a disability benefit may be an indicator and evidence may be useful – Adult Social Care or independent care plan/report, GP/Medical practitioner…

If you are not sure the GOV.UK webpages may help or click here to find a Council to make an application but if you need and benefit advice for a client our Personalised Care Report covers care funding and benefit entitlement includes Council Tax support eligibility. If you would like to refer a client Book a call here or email


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