How much is overpaid due to benefit fraud and error?

In 2016-17, DWP spent £174bn on all benefit payments. Around £3.6bn of this expenditure was overpaid due to fraud and error. This is roughly 2% of the amount spent (latest data link now in research library)

In addition to the cost of fraud and error is the cost of the poor decision making up to

the Appeal stage.

Having delivered several Later Life 'Benefit Awareness' sessions in different areas just lately, there has been one common theme. PIP Appeals have increased and the demand for support has impacted on services that are not able to cope or help.

This PIP 'dashboard' is a great tool and credit to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for publishing such detailed statistics - quarterly statistics including numbers of claims in payment, new claim registrations, decisions and awards made.

These statistics show that claimants are winning appeals but these figures highlight the lost opportunities for revising decisions before tribunal stage.

If you are lucky, the voluntary sector may provide some free support for making a new claim but the days of free tribunal representation and Local Authority benefit teams are long gone - yet another false economy when revising decisions before tribunal stage is so much cheaper.

Please ask for support from a Professional Member to assist clients with gathering relevant evidence at the mandatory reconsideration stage to avoid and reduce both the financial cost and emotional spend of a tribunal hearing.


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